What is 0xGasless and how does it utilize ERC-4337?

0xGasless stands as an advanced blockchain infrastructure platform with a primary emphasis on enhancing user experience through account abstraction. Leveraging ERC-4337, 0xGasless delivers a smart contract wallet solution, streamlining transactions and wallet management. This fosters a smoother interaction with decentralized applications (dApps), mitigating the usual complexity associated with Web3.

Is 0xgasless SDK free to use, and what are the limitations?

Yes, the 0xGasless SDK is free to use for developers up to a fixed threshold to enhance widespread adoption and innovation. The free tier covers up to 5,000 smart wallet users, 50,000 transaction limit, and 100,000 API calls per month. Above these limits, we offer a business plan for $99 per month and customizable enterprise solutions for high-scale demand.

What is the utility of the 0xGasless token and how does it benefit holders?

Development and incorporation of the exclusive 0xGasless Paymaster feature, enabling gas fee payments using $0xGas tokens. This means, future demands of the token as 10% fee will be waived for projects using 0xgas on the 0xGasless paymaster.

0xGas Holders are also entitled to 50% of revenue share as holders are at the core of the project.

$0xGas is the governance token as holders have voting right on key decisions about the 0xGasless project. The project is community driven and as such decisions are decentralized

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