🦿User Operation

EIP-4337 introduces the concept of a UserOperation, providing a detailed description of a user's intended transaction. These UserOperations are gathered in an "alt mempool," a pre-confirmation queue of sorts. In the Ethereum network, specialized nodes known as "bundlers" collect UserOperations from the alt mempool and consolidate them into a comprehensive "bundle transaction." This bundle transaction is then sent to a unique and centralized smart contract on the blockchain called "EntryPoint," playing a pivotal role in the process. Bundlers invoke the handleOps function on the EntryPoint. The handleOps function coordinates with each involved account's smart contract wallet, executing the validateUserOp function. This critical function verifies the operation's signature, approves the transaction fee for valid operations, and sets the stage for execution. To execute the intended action, each smart contract wallet must have a function, typically named "execute." This function is activated by the EntryPoint contract once it gives the go-ahead, putting the UserOperation into action.

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