Literally anything can be built on Account Abstraction Standard...

Flexibility is the hallmark of smart contract wallets powered by Account Abstraction. And it’s a complete departure from what we’re used to with EOAs.

Smart contract wallets is all about code. Any required feature can be written in the form of a code. Let's delve into the use-cases of ERC-4337


Externally Owned Account (EOAs)

Smart Contract Accounts

Account Recovery

Account Recovery is only possible through possession of private keys.

No private key exists. You can implement any arbitrary logic in the code to enable the recovery of funds stored in the wallet.

Transaction Batching/ Signatories aggregation

Each transaction is approved on an individual basis.

Transaction batching helps users save more on gas fees and enhance users' experience

Account whitelisting

Users are not able to whitelist wallets for transaction on EOA

Users can whitelist the wallet they transact with, and this acts as an extra layer of security.

Permission control

The possession of the private key provides unrestricted access to all functionalities and resources.

Define a hierarchy of permission levels with varying degrees of access. For instance, implement a requirement for approval where three out of five designated signers must authorize a transaction to proceed.

Spending limit/ Account Freezing

Freezing of Account or spending limit restriction is not available on EOAs

Spending limit and Account freezing provides better ways to Manage crypto assets

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