🌎The New Era Powered by Account Abstraction

Before we delve into the workings of Account Abstraction, it's pertinent to understand Ethereum Account Model before the introduction of Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4337.

This diagrammatic representation of the EOA standard is both tedious and risky for users. Not your keys, not your crypto and the complexities of gas fees is the summary of the harsh reality inherent in the EOA standard. Its limited capability has delayed the mass adoption of crypto. And therefore, the need for improved UX gave rise to the introduction of EIP-4337.

The ERC-4337 is rooted on providing better UX and security, giving users Bank App like experience amongst several other benefits like :

  • Account Recovery made possible via social login

  • Empowering Developers to build literally anything seamlessly

  • Transaction Batuching or Signatory Aggregation

  • Transaction Automation.

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