Phase1: Team Foundation, Idea analysis & Initiation, Market Fit Research

Intent: Establish the viability of the 0xGasless Project and Launch the 0xGas Token if Viable.

Actionable activities:

  • Team formation

  • Market Fit Research

  • Talent hire

  • Onboarding of Advisors

  • Community building in preparation for Token Launch

  • 0xGas Token Launch

Phase 2: Develop and Launch The 0xGasless SDK

Intent: Launch an industry acceptable SDK on ERC-4337 and Integrate Dapps on the 0xgasless Ecosystem.

Actionable Activities:

  • Create extensive documentation and guides to facilitate developer understanding and integration.

  • Engineer and develop the 0xgasless SDK core components.

  • Develop Dapps on the 0xgasless Ecosystem

  • Conduct rigorous testing to guarantee reliability, security, and optimal performance.

  • Integrate the 0xgasless SDK with the Dapps on the 0xGasless Ecosystem to showcase the SDK's capabilities and stimulate early adoption.

  • Gather and respond to feedback from initial users to improve and refine the platform.

Phase 3: Develop and Deploy 0xgasless Paymaster and Intent Protocol

Intent: Launch paymaster as a service to boost revenue generation and do revenue share with 0xgas token holders.

Actionable Activities:

  • Develop comprehensive documentation and guides to simplify developer comprehension and streamline integration processes.

  • Architect and develop the foundational components of the 0xgasless Paymaster.

  • Thoroughly test to ensure the reliability, security, and optimal performance of the system.

  • Incorporate the exclusive 0xGasless Paymaster feature, enabling gas fee payments using 0xgas tokens.

  • Integrate the 0xgasless Paymaster into the 0xgasless Ecosystem.

  • Develop and Integrate Intent protocol using Natural Language Protocol (NLP)

Phase 4: User Acquisition and Ecosystem Expansion

Intent: Integrate the 0xgasless SDK and Paymaster within the first few months of release.

Actionable Activities:

  • Establish strategic partnerships to expand the 0xGasless Ecosystem and enhance offerings.

  • Implement targeted strategies to acquire clients and strengthen market presence.

  • Establish educational initiatives to position 0xGasless as a pioneer in account abstraction and web3 in general.

Phase 5: Establishment of a DAO

Intent: This is to steer the wheels of progress of the 0xgasless.

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